Step 2: I've been approved as an artist, what are my next steps?

Congratulations on being approved as an artist on Blackdove.    Our singular goal as a company is to support you and develop awareness, distribution and potential revenue for your practice. 

As an artist, you have a dedicated 'Artist Portal' that allows you to publish your artwork for display across the globe on any display in the world using our technology.  

The URL for logging in to your Artist Portal is : 

Note that you as an artist get a free account to Blackdove to use and promote your artwork or view and display your artist cohort works. 

Uploading of Artwork:   

  1. Public: 
    Your artwork will be published in the Blackdove open subscription and is available for inclusion in the Curated Collections available to clients.   

    You will earn commissions as being a part of the open subscription in Blackdove based on the number of plays of your artwork ((# of plays of your artwork /  # of total plays of all artwork)* 50% of Blackdove revenue.  

    Each artwork and you as an Artist will receive a publicly available URL that you can share within social media to promote your work. 

    You will have your profile included in the Artist tab within the Blackdove app.  

  2. Private:  
    Your artwork is not available to anyone on the platform other than you.   You can use this feature if you are working with a private exhibition and want to use Blackdove's technology only. 

  3. Unlisted: 
    Your artwork is available with a Share URL, but not available in your Artist profile.   If your artwork has been included in a Curated Collection, it will be included.  


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