Step 1: Applying to become a Blackdove artist

Blackdove's mission is to build a distributed platform for new media artists.   If you are an artist working in the medium, the first step to using the tools available to you is to apply to become an artist.  

Our criteria for approval are humble as we wish to be an inclusive platform for any artist that wishes to expand their career either as a primary or secondary focus.  In some cases, artists are leveraging Blackdove to transition to art as a primary revenue source.  

As a Blackdove artist, you will earn commissions, develop an artist brand and be in a position to exhibit and sell your works.   We ask only that you respect the platform, upload finished and complete works and promote the platform in the same way you would promote an art gallery.  

After applying to the platform, one of our artist representatives will contact you and work through the approval process.   You will receive an email notification on the approval of your account or be contacted if there are additional questions. 

To begin your application, please use the following URL:


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