What does a 'Sale' through Blackdove mean

  • A 'sale' of your artwork means that the customer has the ability to continue to access the file on our platform whenever they want.   In the future when we add a marketplace to Blackdove, we may remove LOVE from the subscription and if so, they would still have the ability to play whenever they want. 

  • Unless otherwise noted, your sale is considered an Open Edition and NOT restrict your ability to sell the work as many other times as you choose.   

  • The client is NOT allowed to use your work for commercial purposes such as advertising campaigns, etc.  They are 'licensing' the right to use the artwork solely for display.  

  • After agreeing to your sales price, the artwork will get marked up to the client.  Blackdove will make a small profit and the art advisors will also.    We are typically paying our Artists 50% of the final sales price and splitting the balance between Blackdove and the art advisor. 


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