Quick Start Guide: Blackdove Digital Canvas

Blackdove Digital Canvas Setup Guide

After powering on your Digital Canvas for the first time please follow the prompts for first time setup

  • Menu Language

Selecting a Language

Press the ▲ or ▼ button, and then press the button to specify the menu language.

  • Display Orientation

Configure the menu page orientation

Please choose the orientation you will be using for your installation

Landscape or Portrait and press the  button 

  • Network Settings

Set up your network connection. Press the ▲ or ▼ button and then  to select your wireless network. Enter your password on the next screen and press the Done button. If the internet is connected you will receive confirmation (You can adjust the network connection later using the Network menu).

Then select Next 

  • Clock Set

Set the current date and time, and then select Next 

  • Setup Complete

You will receive a Congratulations message

Push the  button 

  • Loading Blackdove from the Main Menu
    Next you will be taken to the screen pictured below. Select the Blackdove Logo and press the  button.


Your Digital Canvas is now activated and you will be taken to a Blackdove setup screen that will assist you with the short process of pairing your Blackdove account with your new Digital Canvas.

Make note of the Serial Number for entry into the Blackdove Mobile App as demonstrated in the image below.

Please also select a name for your Digital Canvas that you would like to appear in the device menu of your Blackdove app and enter it along with the Serial Number when prompted in the app. Note that you do not need to enter any information in the WiFi Network or WiFi Password fields.


                      1                                     2                                     3




Congratulations, you are now ready to display Blackdove Art on your new Digital Canvas!


The Blackdove Team


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