Setup of AppleTV

AppleTV Version 1:  tends to have some intricacies surrounding its successful use with Blackdove casting.  We have found that the tools used by Blackdove with AppleTV tend to be more sensitive than other tools such as Chromecast and Roku.   Here are a few hints for setup: 

  1. Network: If you have multiple routers, repeaters or access points, we have found that the mobile application needs to be on the same subnet as the AppleTV.  The AppleTV will be autodiscovered on the network, however will not receive a signal successfully.
  2. Sleep Mode and ScreenSaver Mode: Please set both to NEVER when configuring the device for playback. These services will override the AppleTV and disconnect your Blackdove stream. 


AppleTV Version 2 with App Store:   The newest release AppleTV has an app store and a Blackdove app available for downlod. 

     1.  Download the Blackdove app on the TV App Store 

     2.  'Add Device' in the mobile application by selecting the Casting button in the top right of the menu.  

     3.  In the settings menu of the device, set the autorotation to the schedule to the desired schedule.  


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