Artist: Uploading of Content and Private Repository

Blackdove offers video artists the ability to upload content to the platform for public or personal use. The private feature allows for artists to use the Blackdove platform to showcase their artwork in any environment in a simple and portable manner with our mobile application.

In each artists account under Collections, you will find a 'My Content' collection. All of your personal content will be uploaded to this folder for your use. Only if the content is 'Published' by the Blackdove curatorial team will the content be moved into our public subscription channel. If you would like to maintain  your content private, please email our curatorial team at to specify this setting.  

Uploading your artwork: 
Step 1:  If you are a new artist, please register for an account here :

Step 2:  Login at the same URL to begin the uploading of your content.  

Step 3:  View your content at the homepage called 'Manage Artwork' 


Content Encoding: 
Blackdove currently accepts properly formatted mp4 and mov files only and up to 10GB per file. For uploading instructions please see this article:





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